Horse Care



THIS... is what we, who host the equines in our worlds, are responsible to do.

To LEARN what is NATURAL for a horse.
The terrain... feed... movement... barefoot trim... fewer vaccinations...
more natural mineral supplementation.... to name a few considerations.

"It's Your Turn, You Noble Horse."   Natural Is The Answer!

Barefoot Hoofprint

My hope is that "The Trail Less Traveled"
will become "The Trail Most Traveled" through conscious consideration of the natural needs of our horses, our animal companions and ourselves.

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I am a Natural Horsemanship, Barefoot Hoof Care, Natural Horse Care advocate.

I use products that help me create this on my ranch with my 10 equines. I am passionate about the hoof and do my own trims. I also consult with folks to help pass on what works for me, what I have learned and continue to learn from my horses and great human teachers.

I will include some sites that contain wonderful information on creating this world for your horses. These folks have put in much time consolidating information, so I will pass
them on to you.

I ENCOURAGE you to educate yourself, for the love of your horse, and his/her health and happiness in our domesticated environments. They gift us with their presence...may we gift them with our educated and heartfelt consideration of what is BEST...for them.

As Pat Parelli says... KEEP IT NATURAL !

I recommend Charles Hall,  Jim Apple, or Jennifer Vallieres for great, barefoot hoof care in the middle Tennessee area.

Here are some wonderful sites to help teach us the way!

Click Here For
Favorite Horse Care & Animal Sites

Happy Trails and Tails!